For Sale MIDMARK RITTER 223-016 Barrier Free power up and back Exam Table

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Weight: 390.00 Lbs
MPN: 223-016
Warranty: Working as it should when you receive it, patient ready
2 available
The number of elderly and obese in the US is steadily growing, and over one fifth of adults in America are disabled.1 Assisting patients with mobility limitations onto exam chairs has become a frequently performed task. Although caregivers working in healthcare facilities are one of the most at-risk professions for musculoskeletal disorders,2 little has been done to evaluate and reduce risk. The Ritter 224 is ‭designed to offer low and high positioning ‭heights so you can provide the best care ‭to all patients, whether treating the ‭elderly, expectant mothers or patients ‭with disabilities.

Adjustable Height

Ritter Barrier-Free examination chairs by Midmark adjust in height from 18-37 inches, improving accessibility to the exam chair and reducing the likelihood of staff injury.
Comes re-upholstered with your choice of color. Warranty only within 100 mi of Orlando FL