For Sale BARNSTEAD THERMOLYNE Locator JR 8141 Locator Jr Nitrogen Cryogenic Storage Vessel

This Item is no longer available.
Weight: 75.00 Lbs
MPN: 8141
Depth: 26 inches
Width: 26 inches
Height: 30 inches
It is believed that this unit is in good shape. We have no way to test it. The sensor monitor lights up when plugged into a 15 volt adapter. We do not have the 14 volt adapter that it requires. Will warranty the cost

of the unit only for operation upon delivery: for dewar only.

The Thermolyne Locator Jr. Cryo Storage Tank is for ultra-cold storage of biological specimens in liquid nitrogen. This cryotank has outstanding temperature uniformity, and samples are stored below -180°C, even when less than 2 in. (5cm) of liquid nitrogen remains in the vessel. The Thermolyne Locator Jr. utilizes an Ultrasonic Level Monitor, which safeguards irreplaceable samples with minimal liquid nitrogen evaporation and conduction. The advanced vacuum insulation also minimizes liquid nitrogen evaporation and overall reduces operating costs. An optional monitor provides continuous LED readout of liquid nitrogen level, activates visual and audible alarms when level falls below safe range of approximately 1 in. (2.5cm), and an optional alarm also alerts operator in the event of excessive liquid nitrogen loss.


Included with the Thermolyne Locator Jr. Cryo Storage:


Sample Racks

Thermolyne Locator Jr. Cryo Storage Tank Specifications

Locator JR.



Vial Capacity

1600 (100/box)

Static Holding Time

70 days

# of Racks/Boxes/Total