For Sale MIDMARK RITTER 625-001 626-001 Exam Table

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MPN: 625-001
NEW Midmark 625 Barrier -free up to 650 lb. Both wired hand and foot control . Heated warming drawer.
Stirrups. Very nice new just out of box. Warranty is 90 days. Lowers to 18 in

MPatient Weight (maximum): 650 lbs (295 kg) Intended Weight Between 30 and 650 pounds (13.6/295kg)
Weight of Table: w/upholstery w/packaging & skid (no uph.) Uph. w/packaging (shipped separately) 470 lbs (213 kg) 487 lbs (221 kg) 45 lbs (20 kg)
Power Cord Length: 8 ft. (244 cm)
Electrical Requirements: (See Regulatory Compliance Chart)
Foot / Hand Control Voltage: 14 VAC, SELV